We anticipate many things in life.

Anticipation can be good. It motivates and inspires us. We get joy in anticipating things like vacations or trips.

But anticipation often turns into expectations.

Expectations for big events, for relationships, for work, for success.

These can motivate us.

But when they grow too much they can be detrimental.

Happiness equals results minus expectations.

When our expectations grow too much, we get disappointed more often.

And when we get disappointed, our emotions cloud our judgment.

We should use expectations with ourselves. To hold ourselves to a higher standard, to push ourselves, and to improve.

When it comes to other people and events we cannot control, we should avoid expectations.

We should be observers, trying to see things exactly the way they are.

Use anticipation for motivation and joy.

Use expectations for yourself.

Don't let either become expectations for others or things you can't control.