Authority vs. Abundance

The internet has changed how we consume forever.

There is now an abundance of information everywhere.

Thousands of new blog posts, TV shows, YouTube videos, podcasts, and newsletters get published every day.

We consume more than ever. There are more publishers than ever too.

How do we tell what’s good?

How do we know who’s telling the truth?

The age of abundance has come at the cost of authority.

We no longer get our information from a handful of publishers or a few government representatives.

There are thousands of publishers, and the same authority that was once concentrated in the hands of few is now spread across many.

It makes it harder to discern the truth. We don’t share the same sources of information, and so we share fewer beliefs.

No opinion is sacred. There are alternative views on every subject, and alternative sources of evidence. Some are real, others aren’t. And it’s getting harder to tell.

The abundance of information has caused a crisis of authority.

How we deal with that crisis will shape our world for years to come.

Choose your authorities wisely.