Be Humble

I grew up near the town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada.

It’s a beautiful place. Nova Scotia is almost an island; in Nova Scotia you can never be more than 67km from the ocean.

Fishing built Lunenburg, a town of about 3500, along with a good bit of rum running.

Fishing and tourism remain two of the largest industries. 

Forestry has always been a large part of Nova Scotia’s economy too.

Working in those industries is hard, physical work. 

Long days and significant risks. 

Time away from home and pay that fluctuates with the industry.

Whether it’s the blue-collar roots or simply that people care less about it, money is rarely talked about here. 

I learned quickly to avoid talking about money or wealth growing up.

Work hard, be kind, be humble. 

Those are the qualities that earn you respect in the Maritimes.