Beginnings Matter

I went surfing yesterday, and within five minutes I caught the first wave I paddled for.

That set the tone for the session.

I was confident, patient, choosing waves well and surfing them well too.

It was thanks to that first wave.

The way we start things has a disproportionate effect on how we perceive them.

If we start well, we notice the other good things along the way, and sweep away the obstacles in our path.

A poor start and we do the opposite; we notice the obstacles and forget the good things.

This should teach us two things.

First, we should take care to start things well. 

Preparing our bodies and minds, and setting ourselves up for success. Expect the best and prepare for the worst.

Second, when things don't start as planned, we should be careful to attribute too much meaning. 

We can catch ourselves when it happens. Reset ourselves before it snowballs. 

Beginnings matter.

We should do our best to start things well.