Compounding Knowledge

Learning seems like it should be a linear activity. Spend an hour learning, learn a fixed amount.

But it isn’t.

I’ve spent years reading, researching, working, and learning.

But it didn’t always seem like I was absorbing much. Or understanding how to apply them. Or how to translate them across domains.

Recently, I’ve started noticing momentum in my learning. I see connections that I didn’t before. I can clarify concepts that were blurry. I can apply ideas across domains.

This isn’t a coincidence.

It’s just how learning works. Sure, my learning methods have gotten better. I have more experience.

But the biggest difference? Time.

It takes time for knowledge to sink in. It takes time for the learning effort to pay off.

Be patient. Keep learning. Keep improving.

Progress will seem slow.

Then all of a sudden, it won’t.