Considering Expectations

While we may improve how we communicate our own expectations, we must realize that others won’t do as well.

All those we interact with will have expectations for us.

Expectations about what we do, and say, and how we will react to things.

We may understand those expectations; they may even tell us.

But often, there is still misalignment.

Our reactions may get misinterpreted, or we may disappoint people if we act a certain way.

It is not our job to help others deal with their expectations. It may not even be our job to try and meet those expectations.

But we cannot ignore they are there.

So if see that we have not met expectations—others seem disappointed in us, or angry, or upset—we can call it out. We can make our position clear.

But most of the time, we should simply consider that expectations exist. If it is easy, we should act in alignment of these expectations.

If it isn’t, we should align ourselves with different people. People who communicate their expectations well, or those who don't have any expectations at all.