Expectations of Others

We all have expectations.

We have expectations for both ourselves and others.

Particularly those close to us: friends, family, people we work with, significant others.

We get disappointed when they fail to meet our expectations.

But there are two things we should be careful about.

The first is unreasonable expectations of others.

Before we get disappointed or angry, we need to ask ourselves: what was my expectation? Was that reasonable?

If it wasn’t, it’s not fair to react to that expectation. This puts the burden on the other person, when it isn’t their fault.

The second question we should ask is whether we have communicated our expectations clearly.

Did we say one thing, but mean another? Did we ever voice our expectations at all?

It’s not fair to give mixed messages.

Communicating expectations ahead of time helps prevent situations where expectations aren’t met.

Expectations are hard to avoid. The least we can do is manage our own well.