Getting Stuck

The feeling of being stuck sucks.

It’s a place where things happen out of habit and routine, but nothing feels quite right.

It can take on an almost surreal quality. Things are happening around you, but it feels like you’re an outsider observing your own life.

Your actions are your own, but you seem to have little input on initiating them.

Procrastination becomes the norm. Days and weeks slip by.

It’s a hard place to be. It’s harder to figure out why or how you got there. Thinking about it makes it more frustrating.

Here are some ways to help break the spell:

Get outside: a little sunshine, wind, or rain always helps make you feel alive.

Meditate: meditation takes work, and time. As the saying goes: “if you can’t find 20 minutes, you need 2 hours.”

Change your body: Tony Robbins is fond of saying “to change your mind, change your body.” Find a way to exercise. Change up your routine. Go for a run outside. Use your body to change your mind.

Change your environment: take that weekend trip you’ve been thinking about. Go visit your parents. Spend a day with the friend you haven’t seen in a while. Change up your routine and environment to disrupt your own patterns.

Act: “it’s easier to act your way into thinking, than to think your way into acting.” In other words, start doing something, and often the right path will become clear.

Getting stuck is never fun, and everyone has a different way to get through it.

But the faster you can change your circumstances, the faster you’ll find yourself unstuck.