Groups Have Habits Too

“You don’t create a culture. It happens. This is why new companies don’t have a culture. Culture is the byproduct of consistent behavior.”—Rework

Habits are what make us, but they’re what make cultures too.

Want to know what a company is like? Observe the habits of the employees.

The culture and behaviour of the organization is just the sum of the behaviour of the individual people in the organization.

Everyone makes decisions quickly and executes independently? The organization ships fast.

People crack jokes during lunch and at the coffee maker? The organization has a sense of humour.

The managers and employees alike stick around for Friday drinks? The organization values friendship and comaraderie.

We are the sum of our own individual habits.

Groups are the sum of the habits of their individuals.

“If your team members are hanging out with each other outside of work, you're creating good culture.”—The Great CEO Within