Managing Oneself

Whatever you choose to do in life, your success begins and ends with being able to manage yourself.

What does that mean?

Staying healthy, both physically and mentally

  • Staying healthy, both physically and mentally
  • Staying focused
  • Staying motivated
  • Performing at a high level in your field
  • Continuing to learn
  • Deliberate practice of your skills

It’s a long list!

Which is why it should be tackled one by one.

You need some level of physical and mental health to be able to focus on anything else.

Once you can focus, you need to be motivated.

Then, you can look to perform at a high level, and so on.

So how can we stay healthy?


  • Eat well: buy only good things at the grocery store
  • Exercise: walk every day, and do one other kind of workout per week
  • Sleep: make sure you have at least 8 hours set aside each day for sleep, and stick to the same schedule


  • Get enough sleep: see above
  • Avoid phone for first hour of the day
  • Meditate
  • Do what’s needed to manage stress

Most of us know these things. We just fail to act on them, or stick with them.

But managing ourselves is the first step towards managing our lives.