You shouldn’t wait for a milestone to start.

You can start something new at any time. All it takes is the first action, and then the next one, and the next after that.

But when milestones come along—like the New Year—take advantage of them.

Timing and milestones matter. We respond to them. They serve as a psychological mark for us. A time when it's easier to change.

Instead of being skeptical of New Year’s resolutions and those trying to improve their lives, take advantage of the opportunity.

Make some changes. Small ones, that you can sustain. Not too many, so you can stay focused.

Set up your environment so that those changes become default. Make it easy to stick with them.

Small changes will add up to big changes.

Those big changes make a difference in your life. A decade of big changes can make your former life unrecognizable.

This time next year, what do you want to look back and see?