Money and Time

We use the same language for time and money: spend, save, invest.

So why are we so careful with money and so careless with our time?

The world measures wealth with money. Money buys visible things—cars, houses, clothes, jewelry.

Monetary wealth is a single number. A balance in an account, or an estimate of net worth.

Time is much more difficult.

We are all given time, and so money becomes the constraining factor in our lives.

The money constraint never seems to disappear—there is always more to buy.

We avoid talking about how much time we have left, because no one likes talking about death.

But that is exactly the antidote.

The Stoics were fond of a Latin saying: “Memento mori.”

It means “remember death.”

The point is to remember that we all die at some point. And that while money can be lost and gained at any time, we never get back tim

We use the same words for time and money.

But we must remember that we cannot earn time; the best we can do is spend it wisely.