Start at the Beginning

When we start a project, or a meeting, we do a lot of preparation.

The problem is when we forget that others haven’t.

They come into the project with little context or understanding.

If we fail to bring them up to speed, we handcuff them from the start.

They have to ask questions and probe and create their own context. 

Or they have to play along, and hope they understand later.

This is a recipe for miscommunication and misaligned expectations.

When we do the preparation, we need to finish it.

That means clear communication of the context and goals.

Why we chose this project, and the process for choosing it. The other projects that didn't make the cut.

A concise summary of the prep work will help you get the best out of everyone.

Failing to do this will bring misalignment, wasted time, and misalignment.

You’re already doing the work to prepare. 

Make sure you share that work with the team.

Start at the beginning.