Starting Habits

If habits are the cornerstones of our lives, where should you start?

New habits should meet a couple criteria:

  • You can do them right now, with things you already have.
  • They’re easy.

That’s it.

The reason most people fail to stick with new habits is because they set the bar too high. Build the routine, and challenge yourself later.

For those looking to become healthier:

  • Put on workout clothes (that’s it, no requirements to work out)
  • Walk outside once per day (no time/distance rule)
  • Get in bed for 8 hours each night

Notice these are all clear starting points for larger habits, but almost comically easy.

For those looking to become wealthier:

  • Start saving. Set up a savings account with Wealthfront or Wealthsimple, and set up an automatic transfer each month. $10 is enough, but get started.

For those looking to become wiser:

  • Start writing. No specific length or medium. You don’t even have to publish it. Start writing a daily journal on your computer or in a notebook, get a 5-Minute Journal, Tweet once a day, whatever.

Writing is important for all kinds of reasons: it’s a great first step to creating work of your own, it helps clarify your thinking, and it helps you understand yourself.

To build your first habits, start small, start easy, and start with something you can do today.