The Simple Rule for High-Quality Inputs

The online world is becoming harder and harder to keep up with.

The world produces an infinite amount of content, and it gets harder each day to sort the signal from the noise.

The quality of our output is only as good as our inputs.

As a result, it’s become more important than ever to filter what we consume.

Enter the Lindy Rule.

The Lindy Rule says: we can predict the future life expectancy of some non-perishable things like a technology or an idea based on its current age.

If a book has been popular for 100 years, we can predict that it will remain for at least another hundred.

As technologies like Bitcoin remain relevant, their future life expectancy increases.

To choose a movie, look at those which have remained popular for 20 years. You're much more likely to find a classic there than you are in the new releases section.

The same applies to books, online articles, podcasts—the list goes on.

Consume what has persisted.

You will see a dramatic increase in the quality of your inputs.