Time to Reflect

Remote work has lots of benefits, but time to reflect is not one of them.

The commute to work—whether you drove, walked, or took public transit—used to be a break. It was a period of time where you didn’t have anything in front of you. Time to think.

We miss that with remote work.

There’s always something to do. It’s too easy to check Slack, scroll on your phone, or turn on Netflix.

If you’re a parent, there’s always something to be done—your mind is rarely unoccupied.

But this break time is important. It gives us a chance to reflect on our day, who we interacted with, what we were proud of, or what we could have done better.

It gives us time to reflect on the bigger things. Am I doing what I want to? Am I happy with my life right now?

We can find it at home by scheduling time for it. Time to clean the dishes or the kitchen. Time to clean a bike or two. Time to do some work in the garden.

Tasks that occupy our hands, but not our minds. 

Time to reflect.