To Do Good Work, Feel Good

The other day someone asked me: “When do you do your best work?”

I answered without thinking: “when my body feels good.”

One Tony Robbins quote has always stuck with me: “to change your mind, change your body.”

Growing up playing hockey, we often stuck to the adage: “look good, feel good, play good.”

The common thread: we are at our best when our bodies are prepared—mentally and physically.

The inverse also holds true.

You can’t do good work if you feel terrible; if your body is protesting; if your thoughts are elsewhere; if your mind is racing.

To do good work, we must feel good.

That means taking care of our bodies: eating well, exercising, recovering, sleeping enough.

It means taking care of our minds: spending time with friends, spending time outside, in nature, and meditating.

Next time your mind is feeling stuck, check your body.

You’ll find one follows the other.