Urgent and Easy, or Important?

We focus on the urgent and easy work when we should focus on the important.

It’s an easy trap to fall into. The modern workplace—virtual or not—is built for it.

Someone always needs urgent help on Slack. Or email. Everything seems like a crisis.

It’s easy to be reactive. It feels good to help out, to respond, to be quick. To be someone who is always available.

But it’s a barrier to the real work.

The important work that requires deep thinking. Planning strategy, thinking about alternative options, or making a significant decision.

Deep work that requires writing, and editing, and research. 

Coding and building, or perfecting a design.

The hard work of reaching out to customers and listening.

Urgent and easy are always there. They’re like shiny objects, drawing our eye.

The best make time for important work, and make progress every day.

Over time, that work compounds. Great achievements require it.

Make time for the important before the urgent and the easy.