Tools and products that I love and use.

Below is a list of software tools and products that I use and love.
Some may have affiliate links, but I don't recommend anything I haven't tried and genuinely believe in.
I'm always available for questions and feedback. Enjoy!

Ship 30 for 30

Write an atomic essay every day for 30 days. Changed my writing habits, and opened me to a big community of like-minded people. Get $20 off normal price.


Webflow is what I used to build this site. It's fast, easy, and low-maintenance. I've tried Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly, and Webflow beats them all.


ConvertKit is what I use to manage my email newsletter. It's much more flexible than Substack, offering far more flexibility with forms, automations and RSS feeds.


WHOOP is what I use for tracking my fitness, workouts, and sleep. I prefer it over Oura because I can wear it for all activities, compared to wearing a ring.


Wren is the service I use to offset my carbon footprint. Affordable and supporting wonderful projects that help our planet.


Tailwind is the software we use at Saltwreck (ecommerce brand) to manage posting on Instagram and Pinterest. It saves hours of time planning and scheduling posts.


Hypefury is the software I use to write Twitter threads and batch my writing of Tweets. It provides analytics, auto-retweeting, and allows me to cross-post on LinkedIn too.