Get Lifetime Access to All My Detailed Book Notes

Several years ago, I started reading more non-fiction.

Books about entrepreneurship, productivity, business, fitness, health, personal finance, money, and more.

But I had a problem–I couldn't remember what I was reading. What was the point if I couldn't retain the key points?

So I started taking notes.

Highlighting while I read, exporting them, cleaning them up, summarizing key points, and eventually getting to a condensed version of the book. You can read about the detailed process here.

The process of condensing them helped me remember the concepts, and shape them in my own words.

And I started publishing them. You can see all of them here.

But I only publish the condensed versions. I re-summarize all the key points from the detailed notes, so I can skim and remember.

Part of the value, though, is the detailed sections.

When I'm tackling a new article, it can be immensely valuable to go back and look through some key points I can think about while writing the article:

Now, I'm giving you the opportunity to access those detailed notes.

You can use them in all kinds of ways:

  • Skim through them to see which books you should read in full.
  • Create your own book notes, and use mine for comparison, and a different perspective.
  • Use them to create new articles, to find quotes, and to write your own posts.
  • Refresh your memory on books you've read in the past, but may not have taken notes on.

It's been a huge boost to my own knowledge, and makes reading that much more of a valuable time investment for me.

As I keep adding more notes, you'll continue to get updates. There are over 300 book notes already, and I add ~1 per week. This is access to all the most valuable content I've learned from books in the last 5+ years.

If you were to purchase all of these books, you'd spend over $6000!

Once you purchase, you'll be given access to the Notion database where I keep all my notes. You can add it to your own account if you have one, or just save the link if you don't use Notion (it's not required to view them).

Eventually, I'll be selling this for $299 when I get caught up on my backlog of notes, so this is an opportunity to get in early.

Ready to get started?


What if I don't use Notion?

You don't need to! You can just save the link, and you'll still be able to browse, copy, and view updates whenever you like.

How will I know about new book notes?

The easiest way is just to sign up for my weekly newsletter, where I'll post updates about new notes as they come out.