How I Offset My Carbon Footprint

How I offset my carbon footprint each year, supporting worthy projects in the process (and how you can too).

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Why You Should be Buying Solar for Your Home

Thinking about buying solar panels for your home? This post breaks down the math, including the payback period, for panels located in the Northern Hemisphere, and shows you how to do the calculations for your own location.

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Why You Should be Buying Solar for Your Home (2018 Update)

Solar prices have dropped, new incentives are available, and it makes more sense to install solar than ever. Just how much sense? In this post I examine the payback period of installing solar panels in the Canadian climate, and provide tools to calculate the cost for your own situation and location.

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Zero Waste: What is It?

What is zero waste and why is it important? This article introduces the zero waste mindset, and how you can get started.

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The Math Behind Cutting Meat & Dairy

Cutting meat and dairy can have a huge impact on the environment. This article compares the impact tangibles like driving, flying and light bulbs to show just how much.

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