The Complete Guide to Personality Tests

Find out which personality tests you should use to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, essential knowledge for success both personally and professionally.

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You Must Tell Yourself the Truth

Telling yourself the truth may seem trivial in situations like casual golf games. But it may be more important than you think. Learning to see the truth is a fundamental life skill. This post explains why.

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What is Cognitive Bias?

Cognitive biases affect us all, every day. They change how we think and how we make decisions, yet most people don’t know they exist. Learn what they are and why they’re important for clear thinking.

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What is Confirmation Bias?

Confirmation bias affects us all, every day. Do you know where it occurs in your own life? Do you know how to reduce the effects? This post will teach you to identify and counter confirmation bias throughout your life.

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How 25+ Cognitive Biases Influence Your Decisions

Cognitive biases affect the decisions we make every day. Understanding 25 of the most common biases will help you improve your thinking and decision-making in business, relationships, and more.

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How to Form Good Habits (and Break Bad Ones)

Forming new habits is tough–most of us fail when we try. But creating good habits is worth the effort. This post provides a detailed guide on how to form good habits and break bad ones.

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