Becoming the Greatest

Tom Brady won an all-time best seventh Super Bowl ring last night.

He didn’t do it himself.

His team’s defence was outstanding. His receivers beat the other team’s coverage.

But it’s hard to ignore the success he’s built around him.

That success isn’t built overnight. It requires some luck.

But it also requires an unwavering dedication to his craft. A desire to keep getting better, day in and day out.

It requires sacrifices. Time spent away from the family, long hours in practice facilities, and years of disappointment.

We aren’t all Tom Brady.

But the same principles apply to our own lives.

We can choose to keep pushing, keep learning, and keep improving. 

To make those around us better. 

To take advantage of luck when it’s given to us, and not get discouraged when we hit obstacles and disappointment.

We won’t win a Super Bowl. 

But we can win the game we’re playing.