I Still Want to Build Things

When I left high school, I knew one thing: I wanted to build things.

It’s why I chose to study engineering. 

And it’s why I went into the world of tech and startups after university. 

I wanted to experience building things from start to finish.

Today, not much has changed.

I still love building things. And I still want to get better at doing it. 

The act of creation brings me huge satisfaction.

It’s why I enjoy writing, photography and video. 

There’s something deeply satisfying about taking a project from start to finish, a creation completely of your own making.

I get the same sense of satisfaction building systems at work. 

This is sometimes a difficult balance. 

It’s not always optimal to build something yourself when you have a team or other resources that could do it for you. 

But coordinating a project doesn’t bring the same sense of satisfaction.

And of course, on a longer time scale, building businesses has become a large part of my life.

Whether that’s contributing to a startup, or building something on my own, the same sense of satisfaction is there.

A business is a system too, albeit more complex, and building one can bring that same sense of satisfaction.

Many things have changed since I graduated high school.

Wanting to build things isn’t one of them.