There's Only One Way to 10X Productivity

I spent a long time optimizing my productivity.

Task management systems, pomodoro timers, software—I tried it all.

Some of it helped. Most of it didn’t.

The reality is that our personal productivity is a muscle that is built over time. It’s also depends on a lot of other factors.

Our environment. Feeling pressure from others. Our energy levels. The amount of undivided, undisturbed time we have available.

I’ve come to accept this. And I look at productivity differently now.

In the modern world, solving your own productivity issues is a good start, but it won’t change your output by 10x, or 100x.

The only way to do that is to build a system. 

Systems are available to all of us. 

Programmers build systems. But writers do too when they publish on the internet. So does someone who publishes a video on YouTube. Or uses no-code tools to automate a process. Or records a podcast.

These things allow us to do something once and reach thousands of people.

There are all kinds of options for multiplying our output.

Focusing on developing our skills to better take advantage of these systems is the only real way to multiply our output. 

As humans, we are only capable of so much. There are only so many hours in the day, and we only have so much energy.

But if we build systems, we can produce at levels that would have been unthinkable just decades ago.

Systems are the only true way to multiply our productivity.