Communication Skills Will Get You Everywhere

Dating and sales are the same skills: the only difference is what you’re selling.

Dating and sales are both about communication skills:

  • Building trust in a short amount of time
  • Listening to the other person and making them feel heard
  • Paying attention to their needs and fulfilling them

All our relationships are built on these foundations.

Our ability to communicate is a fundamental skill.

Improving your conversational skills will help your relationship with friends, colleagues, and parents. It also makes random interactions a lot more fun.

Improving your writing skills can give you an audience on the internet and earn you appreciation at work. It will also help you think.

Learning the ability to persuade others will help you everywhere. Getting colleagues to buy into a project at work. Negotiating with your partner or your kids. Building a partnership for your new company.

Improving communication skill is one of the few things which can impact your entire life.

It’s also one of the areas that consistently holds people back.

There are some jobs and some relationships where performance can overcome poor communication abilities.

But it’s a rare occasion where better communication wouldn’t help.