Don’t Burn Bridges

When we leave a project or a job, we want to be wished well.

Why then, do we take it poorly when someone else leaves?

Burning bridges with good people is never a good idea.

If someone leaves your company, make sure to say goodbye and wish them well. 

If you have to fire someone, do so as best you can, and follow up with them later. They may not want to hear from you, but do it all the same.

In psychology, there’s a phenomenon known as the “peak-end rule.” We remember the ends of things better than the rest.

We never know when we might cross paths with people again. When we might need their help, or their support, or their reference. Or when a good word about us might trickle to someone else.

People will remember you by how you treat them when you or they leave.

Treat others well. Don’t burn bridges.