I Want to Build Things

When I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to study engineering.

Choosing a university was difficult—I had good offers from a few, and friends going to some of them.

In the end I chose McGill, in large part because the idea of living in Montreal was appealing. 

Queen’s was the runner-up, and Kingston didn’t attract me as much, though I’m sure I would have enjoyed either.

I knew I wanted to study engineering for a couple reasons.

The first reason was that the subjects I enjoyed most were math and physics.

The second, and larger reason, was science fair.

My favourite projects followed a pattern: 

1. Find a problem, 

2. Use physics to come up with a solution,

3. Build and test prototypes.

Those projects were the highlights of my education.

Who builds things in the real world? Engineers.

And I wanted to build things.