We spend time preparing for new things.

The big presentation, the new job, the first date.

But when it comes to doing things we’ve done before, we fail to prepare in the same way.

Starting the New Year at our old job. Keeping up the same fitness routine we've always done.

Sometimes, this is good.

When we succeed at something, we should move it to maintenance mode, where it no longer takes up headspace. It frees us to do other things.

But if it’s something we want to continue to get better at, we need to improve. And we need to recognize that our preparation was a key part of our success.

If we want different fitness results, we need to change our routine.

If we want things to be calmer at work, we need to change how we approach each day.

If we want to build on a previous habit, we need to prepare as well as we did last time.

Preparation is a key part of success. We just seem to forget that part when starting again.

Fail to prepare at your own risk.