Success is Like Surfing

I went surfing this morning.

I paddled for at least 25 waves. The conditions were tricky, and I only caught 5.

The best ride came just before the end, and made the whole morning worthwhile.

And the only reason I caught any at all was because I’ve surfed more consistently this year than ever before. I’ve paddled for hundreds of waves. Most of them I missed. I didn’t get a ride, and I didn’t see any results.

Success is like that too. You won’t see much in the way of results for a long time.

But then, you catch that first wave: an article, a Tweet, or a video goes viral; you close that huge deal; you get that dream job.

It’s hard to see that result while you’re grinding away.

But eventually, they’ll start to stack up, and you’ll have some amazing rides.

Success is a lot like surfing.

A large part of the battle is just paddling for lots of waves.