What is a Personal Podcast?

For the next 30 days, I’m building a Personal Podcast.

The idea comes from David Perell: 

The aim is to build an audio asset that tells the world about yourself. You can share it with new friends, colleagues, potential employers—whoever.

It also doesn’t have to focus on you. 

It could just be a short-term exploration of a single topic, like building a lecture piece-by-piece. That kind of resource is still useful. 

Not only does it force you to teach—a great way to test learning—but others get insight into how you think.

My goal for this first podcast is to build a short, easily digestible resource about me.

I’ll be focusing on three topics:

  1. Who I am: the experiences that shaped me and the lessons they taught me.
  2. Things I believe: the ideas and concepts that I think about often, and try to live.
  3. How I work: the kind of work I like most, and how I like to do it.

Each episode will be 1-3 minutes long, so in the end it will be somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

You can find the episodes here.