New York to Nova Scotia (Video)

Weekend Boat Trip from New York to Nova Scotia

About a month ago, my uncle decided to sell his Albin 31 - the opportunity was a good one, but time-sensitive; a firm in Greenland needed a vessel to serve as a dive boat.

Most of us were surprised he would part with it - there were a lot of hours put into modifying it and improving it to the point he was happy with it.

But, as luck would have it, his ideal boat came along within a couple weeks - a larger version of his previous boat, an Albin 35, this time with a flying bridge, and with the engine option he wanted.

What that meant was that he had to pick it up in Staten Island, New York, and bring it home to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and relatively soon, before the winter weather and seas made the trip difficult.

Delivery to Nova Scotia

I decided relatively last minute to try and make the trip - I took an overnight bus from Ottawa to New York, after being at an event in Ottawa Thursday evening.  I arrived in New York, grabbed a subway to Brooklyn, and got picked up to go to Staten Island, and we were on the water by 11:30am.

  • Our route from New York to Nova Scotia went something like the following:
  • New York through the East River to Long Island Sound
  • Friday night in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, at Harbor One Marina, with dinner at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa
  • Saturday through the rest of Long Island Sound, up through Buzzard's Bay (inside Martha's Vineyard) and the Cape Cod Canal into Cape Cod Bay
  • Overnight to Portland, ME
  • Arrive in Portland Sunday morning for refueling, showers, and breakfast
  • Depart Portland 10:30am Sunday for Yarmouth, NS
  • Overnight across the Bay of Fundy, arrival in Yarmouth at 9:30am Monday
  • Clear customs, depart Yarmouth around 11:30am
  • Arrive in Lunenburg Monday night at 10:30pm

New York to Nova Scotia Video

Here are a few clips of the trip - traveling up the East River was particularly spectacular, as were the sunrises and sunsets.

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